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About us

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Our Story

I was always that oddball kid who would rather have her feet in the dirt and planting flowers or hugging trees; rather than wearing dresses or playing with dolls. Grounding in the Earth, cuddling with animals, yoga, and meditating in nature always felt right to me, it feels like peace.
There are so many different types of medicine and ways to heal in this world, and Western medicine is just one small part of that picture.
I truly believe that there are so many beneficial and holistic ways to treat the whole person, that so many people are unaware of. So my mission is to build this platform to connect the naturopathic healers, osteopathic therapists, reiki gurus, acupuncturists, midwives / doulas, crafters of holistic products, and so much more, with the people just like me who are searching for professionals like you.

How The Hollistic Hub Works

where the answer to your holistic health needs is only a click away. This one of a kind platform allows you to find a holistic health professional either online or near you, chat with and book sessions, and view the holistic health professionals bio and credentials. You can also browse and purchase holistic products from your favorite provider right here! Have a question on a product or service? Just leave the provider a message and they can get right back to you.

What We Provide

An online community where like-minded people can communicate, learn about holistic health
options available, purchase quality products with your health
in mind, and much more.